AquaLaw COVID-19 Response Team

April 13, 2020

AquaLaw has formed a COVID-19 Response Team to bring our unique expertise to assist clients dealing with legal and regulatory challenges arising from the pandemic.

Our lawyers have provided clients with advice about compliance, reporting, force majeure notices, associated project/program renegotiation and staffing.  This advice has been reinforced by a flurry of state and federal policies and reporting plans.

AquaLaw attorneys are working daily to help clients manage the challenge of protecting their teams, ensuring reliable service and maximizing compliance with regulatory requirements and executive orders.  In addition to keeping up with daily changes, we are guiding clients to look ahead and take advantage of opportunities to renegotiate existing system improvement programs and regulatory requirements.  We would welcome the opportunity to assist you and your utility to navigate these unprecedented challenges.

We are maintaining a resource page and hosting periodic briefings on the latest developments, tools, strategies, templates, and other resources relevant to many of our clients’ operations.

Amanda Waters is leading the firm’s COVID-19 Response Team working closely with Chris Pomeroy, Paul Calamita, and Lisa Ochsenhirt.  AquaLaw stands ready to assist you in these uncertain times.  Feel free to contact any member of the team.